A woman faced a number of charges before Murgon Court this week, including damaging her ex partners car with a mop and breaking his window. File Photo.
A woman faced a number of charges before Murgon Court this week, including damaging her ex partners car with a mop and breaking his window. File Photo.

Woman attacks ex's car with mop, throws rock through window

A SOUTH Burnett woman has dirtied her clean criminal record after beating her ex partner’s car with a mop and throwing a rock through his window.

The defendant entered a plea of guilty to a number of charges before Murgon Magistrates Court, including contravening a domestic violence order, wilful damage, and failing to appear in court.

Police prosecutor Barry Stevens said police called to a Maryborough residence on February 2, 2020, after a window was reportedly smashed at 3.30 in the morning.

“The victim stated he was at home, with a witness to the incident, and heard glass smashing in the front of the house,” Sgt Stevens said. Walking to the front of the house, he spotted the defendant standing on the veranda screaming abuse at him.

“The victim said he then saw the defendant walk underneath the house, and could hear banging sounds on his vehicle. He said he later observed the defendant at the rear of the house, where she’d destroyed a mop,” Sgt Stevens said.

“The defendant then came into the house and attempted to have an argument with him about child custody and money issues. She refused to leave and he had to physically restrain her and remove her from the address.”

Police saw the vehicle had a number of dents in the rear, which were consistent with a mop handle.

Between 10AM and 11AM on April 17, the aggrieved contravened a domestic violence order after she unlawfully contacted the aggrieved via text message. According to Sgt Stevens, within the hour the victim received 67 texts in total.

The fail to appear dates back to June 30 and July 7. On both occasions the defendant presented herself at the police station the next day, and told officers she’d gotten confused about what day she was meant to attend court.

On August 6, police received a triple-0 call and could hear the sound of a man and woman arguing, before the call dropped out. Shortly after officers were called to a traffic crash near Nanango, after the drivers side door of the defendants car was struck by a passing truck.

On arrival, officers spoke with QAS personnel, treating the defendant for shock, who advised police they’d been forced to separate the defendant and the aggrieved because they were arguing.

“It was ascertained the aggrieved had been living with the defendant for some weeks. An argument occurred, and the aggrieved said he was going to leave the defendant,” Sgt Stevens said.

She had been trying to find him after he walked away that morning. She found him walking along the Bunya Highway and picked him up in her car.

On October 10, police were called to the defendants home, where she lives with her three children, following reports of a disturbance.

“The defendant and the aggrieved started to consume alcoholic drinks, and as the afternoon got on, the defendant became increasingly agitated toward the aggrieved. After eight drinks, the defendant went into the kitchen and started throwing some items around. This included CD’s, food items, and personal property,” Sgt Stevens said.

“A child entered the kitchen to try and calm down his mother, and is told to ‘p-ss off’.”

Defence lawyer Jay Rose said the victim had previously been placed in a mental institution in Toowoomba for a period of time after attempting to take his own life. After he was released, the defendant became “frustrated with what she perceived as a lack of support” in raising her three children.

“It’s clear there are some issues with anger, aggression, and alcohol,” she said. Ms Rose said this is evident from her “trashing her own home” in the presence of the aggrieved and her children.

Magistrate Andrew Sinclair placed the defendant on an 18 month probation order, with two special conditions including participation in both domestic violence and alcohol abuse counselling.

Convictions are recorded.