Woman breaks DVO by visiting and assaulting cheating partner

A MEMERAMBI woman has been charged with common assault, breach of bail and contravention of a domestic violence order after she was caught multiple times at the house of her partner.

The woman's defence lawyer Chris Campbell told the Kingaroy Magistrates Court on Monday that there were a number of possible reasons for her behaviour.

"Leading up to this offence, the family dynamics changed," Mr Campbell said.

"They were renting a house through a family and there was an intimate family breakdown.

"When that happened they were forced to move in with a friend.

"Unfortunately there was a fourth person living in the house and my client's partner was unfaithful."

The defendant had been issued a domestic violence order on May 2 this year.

Despite the order, she went to her former house and assaulted her partner on June 9.

She also breached her bail condition on July 13 by returning to the property for a family event.

Police prosecutor Pepe Gangemi told the court that at 9.45am on June 9, officers responded to an incident at the Memerambi property.

"He tried to get back inside the house but the respondent replied by grabbing him by the hair and tearing him backwards," Sgt Gangemi said.

"She went into the house and started throwing contents of the kitchen on the ground and calling the aggrieved a 'f------ c---'.

"We returned five days later to the same address and she said she had been invited there by the aggrieved for their child's birthday."

Magistrate Louisa Pink said the common assault charge was the most serious of the offences.

"I have had regard to the circumstances the family have undergone and the intermediate stress that you were under, including having young children," Ms Pink said.

"Mr Campbell has said that you were upset your partner had been unfaithful, and now you are pregnant."

The magistrate also stressed that the woman could not just decide to breach a court order, even if someone else invited her to their house.

Ms Pink convicted and fined the defendant $300 each for the common assault and contravention of a domestic violence order charge, and $200 for breaching bail conditions.

No convictions were recorded.