Gayle Taylor, with beloved pet Federeick, was attacked at Goodna this week.
Gayle Taylor, with beloved pet Federeick, was attacked at Goodna this week. David Nielsen

Woman in wheelchair attacked in broad daylight

IT HAS been described by Cr Paul Tully as "one of the most despicable crimes" imaginable.

On Wednesday morning 38-year-old Gayle Taylor was attacked in her wheelchair in broad daylight in Smiths Rd, Goodna and discovered when she got home that she was missing $280.

Ms Taylor, a mother of three, has been in a wheelchair since 2010 and has cerebral palsy.

She left her Goodna home at 8.30am and went to grab a newspaper before going to the Commonwealth Bank to see if her pension had gone in.

She didn't feel comfortable withdrawing any cash because she said there were some unsavoury types about.

So she withdrew $400 from the Post Office, paid some bills and put the remaining $280 in her purse.

Edward King ran to the aid of Gayle Taylor after she was attacked in her wheelchair at Goodna.
HERO: Domino's Pizza delivery driver Eduard King came to the aid of Gayle Taylor after she was attacked in her wheelchair. David Nielsen

Then she stopped to have a chat with some people out the front of Domino's Pizzas in St Ives Shopping Centre when a woman started abusing her before attacking her legs and trying to drag her out of her chair.

A Good Samaritan, Domino's Pizza delivery driver Eduard King then helped out and the assailant fled after Mr King called police.

"A big Aboriginal woman was being quite offensive and said 'I own the country and you don't deserve to be in a wheelchair because you can walk if you want to'," Ms Taylor told the QT.

"Then she tried to pull me out of the chair. I grabbed the side to stabilise myself and then she grabbed my leg.

"It was when I got home that I noticed $280 was missing."

Ms Taylor said she thinks the money was sticking out of her purse and that the woman took it while she was distracted.

She went back to the shops where she had paid her bills and got her husband Steve to ask if the money had dropped out.

"But I am sure it was taken," she said.

Several police from Goodna attended the scene of the attack but were unaware of the alleged theft of the $280 until contacted by the QT.

Police are now going to investigate and check any CCTV footage that is available.

"I am too scared to leave the house without Steve now," Ms Taylor said.

"If they can do it to me then who else are they going to do it to?

"I only have $50 to get me through the next fortnight.

"We are an OK community here, but there are just a couple of roughies.

"Cr Tully and (electorate secretary) Fran have been fantastic.

"I said to Paul the other day 'I don't know what I have done wrong'. He said 'Don't beat yourself up'.

Cr Tully described what happened to Ms Taylor as "a shocking crime".

"That is one of the most despicable crimes I have ever come across," he said.

"A woman in a wheelchair is attacked and almost thrown out of the chair in broad daylight and robbed.

"This is where judges need to impose very stiff sentences to send a message to others that this sort of offence is totally unacceptable."

The hero of our story, Mr King - perhaps now to be known as the 'Goodna Samaritan' - confirmed Ms Taylor's story.

"An Aboriginal lady was outside while I was having a conversation with the lady in the wheelchair and two other people," Eduard King said.

"The woman starting attacking people and calling everybody names.

"Then she started verbally attacking the lady in the wheelchair and started pulling at her legs and trying to pull her out of the wheelchair, so I stepped in and tried to separate it.

"She walked away when I rang the police."

Ms Taylor was stoic yesterday when reflecting on her ordeal.

Her beloved dog Frederick was by her side and providing comfort.

"Piece by piece, I'm hoping my luck will change," she said.