Renee Pilcher

Woman jailed for 45th time for shoplifting

A woman jailed 44 times, mostly for shoplifting related crimes, has been sentenced to more jail time in New Zealand.

Ngaika Kiu was jailed for three months after admitting shoplifting at Rebel Sport in Palmerston North, Big Barrel, Countdown Whanganui and PAK'nSAVE Whanganui.

Judge Dugald Matheson told the Whanganui District court on Tuesday the sentence was generous.

"She is a recidivist shoplifter, her criminal behaviour blatantly disregards the rights of others in the community," Matheson said.

"She has shown contempt for the retailers, she's got 80 previous convictions and has received 44 sentences of imprisonment for this shoplift type of offending which is unhelpful."

Kiu took several items from Rebel Sport on December 28 last year and targeted the store again this year when she stole clothing on January 19.

She shoplifted from PAK'nSAVE Whanganui on January 29, the second supermarket that Kiu had stolen from that month.

"On the 15th of January this year, she went down to Countdown supermarket, took a trolley, went around the supermarket and, as she exited, she waved a receipt saying she had already paid," Judge Matheson said.

"This was not correct and items valued at $148 were taken."

Kiu was trespassed from Countdown in September 2016.

She faces three more charges of wounding with intent to do grievous bodily harm, assault with intent to injure and assault with a weapon.

These charges would next be addressed at a callover set for July 30 and Kiu also has a bail hearing on June 19.

"Given her situation, reparation really serves no use or purpose, other than to upset people when they do not get the money," Matheson said.

"Community based options are not appropriate, the maximum penalty for shoplifting is three months' imprisonment and quite frankly that is better than generous towards Ms Kiu given her history."