Jonell Goss steps out for a world record attempt.
Jonell Goss steps out for a world record attempt. Contributed

Whitsunday woman leaves for skydiving world record attempt

WHITSUNDAY'S Jonell Goss loves the thrill of skydiving.

Even after 37 years of being involved with the sport, she still enjoyed the feeling of anticipation that built up whenever she jumped somewhere new.

Better known as Jonny, Ms Goss left for the US on Monday to be part of a skydiving world record attempt.

"Basically we're trying to break the Australian record in formation skydiving," she said.

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This was the number of people linked together at one time. The current record is 112, which was set in 2010, she said.

So far 120 people were registered for this latest record breaking attempt that would occur in Perris Valley in California.

The record was just about the number of people in the air. All jumpers had to "dock" and formation had to be held for at least three seconds, Ms Goss said.

"If one person is out, it doesn't count," she said, adding that it was actually quite difficult to set a world record.

And for this to be an Australian record about 80% of the participants had to be Australian, she said.

Everyone had to at the site by May 19 for training to begin.

This latest jump was actually set up by the team who set the 2010 record, Ms Goss said.

An expression of interest was sent out to all skydivers in Australia about two years ago.

So Ms Goss put her name down and got a slot.

With everyone now at the location, they will be put through two five-day training camps with one day off in between and then there will be four days dedicated for the record attempt.

Safety was one of the most important aspects, she said.

"Jumping in new locations with a lot of people in the air ... that can be dangerous," she said.

Skydiving was a great way to meet new people and forge strong friendships.

Ms Goss came to the Whitsundays 25 years ago to teach people to skydive.