DISTANT LEARNING: Staff and students at Wondai State School are currently preparing to launch a new home learning program. (Picture: Madeline Grace)
DISTANT LEARNING: Staff and students at Wondai State School are currently preparing to launch a new home learning program. (Picture: Madeline Grace)

Wondai State School sticking to traditional learning

AMID the current coronavirus pandemic, schools throughout the region are facing new and unique challenges of how to roll out distant learning.

A number of schools are turning to things like Google Hangout and Seesaw to interact with students, however the staff at Wondai State School are sticking to what they know works.

They are currently putting the finishing touches on a print program that was decided upon after contacting every family in the school.

Wondai State School principal Peter Sansby said the entire faculty are excited and ready to roll out the new distant learning program.

"The first step for us was to work out what was the best way to support our kids and families, so we sent out a text message to every family with the simple question of what access they have to technology, internet and devices," Mr Sansby said.

"Once we had collected all of that data we made the decision to go with paper learning as it was the fairest and most equitable option for everyone to access learning.

"The next step was letting the parents and carers know and so far we haven't received a single piece of negative feedback."

The school have liaised with local police to come up with a method of dropping off and collecting content without breaching social distancing rules.

As of Monday the school will initiate a new system that will allow parents in alphabetical order to collect a weeks worth of content from the a box in the school carpark.

Parents will then drop that same content back into a box on Friday afternoon, which will sit in the box for the duration of the weekend, adhering to advice from health professionals.

Mr Sansby said the staff have gone above and beyond to implement the new system.

"The level of admiration I have for every single one of my staff members has just gone through the roof," Mr Sansby said.

"When you consider they are also dealing with their own families and situations, their level of professionalism and attitude has blown me away.

"They are already talking about if it remains in place how they will continue to function and support each other."

With students and teachers now separated, Mr Sansby said the access to teacher support won't change for the students.

"Students will be able to call the school and speak to a team of teachers," Mr Sansby said.

"Myself and the leadership team will be ringing every family every week to check in and see if we can provide and additional support.

"This coronavirus pandemic has forced everyone to change the way they do things and I believe it has certainly brought our whole organisation together."