Councillor Danita Potter.
Councillor Danita Potter. Shannon Newley

Work-life balance a challenge for Cr Potter

HELD on March 19, 2016, the local government election delivered the South Burnett a new mayor and several new councillors.

We asked all councillors five questions to get their reflection on this council's first year.

Here is what Councillor Danita Potter had to say:

What are you most proud of achieving for your division over the past year?

There has been a lot of work done this past year including continual maintenance and upgrades, I do believe there is still a lot to be achieved, not just within division three but with the whole South Burnett. Helping the Taabinga Rotary club with the successful application for the fitness track and exercise equipment is a huge bonus for division three as well as helping to organising the drought relief functions for Booie and Goodger with the funding from State Government.

How do you feel the past twelve months have gone?

The past year has flown by and I believe we have achieved a lot as a Council but there is still so much more to be accomplished. I can say that since the election I have hit the ground running and have not stopped since and nor do I intend to stop in the foreseeable future. I have been able to profile division three in all of my undertakings as Councillor making sure that division three is well represented at the table when Council is making decisions about the South Burnett. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the passionate people in my division as well as the South Burnett as a whole through my portfolio of Community, Health Services and the Arts. I chose this portfolio as I believe community development, the arts and health are critical to the sustainability of our region.

Cr Ros Frohloff, Kimberley McCullagh, Darrin Kefford, Mayor Keith Campbell, Paul Laurentiussen and Cr Danita Potter at the Kingaroy Town Common.
Cr Ros Frohloff, Kimberley McCullagh, Darrin Kefford, Mayor Keith Campbell, Paul Laurentiussen and Cr Danita Potter at the Kingaroy Town Common. Michael Nolan

What were your biggest challenges over the past year, both personally and professionally?

Finding a work life balance has been challenging for me personally, however my family are fully supportive of my commitment to Council. As a councillor we are called upon to make strategic level decisions affecting the entire region, sometimes this can be challenging getting this to the operational stage.

What are your priorities for the next three years?

To keep up with the roads issues and promote the Libraries and all the wonderful things they have to offer for the South Burnett. Helping the arts within the area and trying to obtain more funding for the Arts within the South Burnett. There is a Stronger Communities forum coming up on May 4, this will address the Australian Early Development Census data, which will involve the Centre for Children's Health and Wellbeing and DDSW Early Childhood Education & Care. This along with the ongoing work within the community and building relationships, not only in division three but across the whole South Burnett.

What have been the biggest surprises of the past twelve months?

The financial burden that it costs to run everything we have in the community like the pools, libraries, halls and the general infrastructure of our towns. The sometimes difficult and lengthy process of obtaining government funding/approval for projects. But most of all how much enjoyment and satisfaction I have gained through the roll as division three Councillor and the portfolio for Community, Health Services and the Arts.