Finlay Sharp said it's about time the South Burnett Council fixed his road.
Finlay Sharp said it's about time the South Burnett Council fixed his road.

Work needed on roads near wind farm

THOUGH work has started on the Coopers Gap Wind Farm a main road that will be used to access the site needs repairs.

Finlay Sharp and Cyril Stewart live on Niagara Rd.

Both men said there had not been work on the South Burnett end of the road for years.

According to Mr Sharp, this is despite the Western Down Regional Council grading its portion twice a year.

"You'd think the councils would get together and grade the full length of the road when the Western Downs crews are there," he said.

"There's only about 4km of the road in the South Burnett."

Neighbour Mr Stewart said he felt South Burnett Regional Council neglected the isolated rural community.

"We have the worst road in the Burnett," he said.

"There's a school bus route that goes along it and there are patches that are so bad it takes 15 minutes to do a kilometre."

Despite many calls Mr Stewart said councillors had not come to see him.

"When they had the sod- turning ceremony for the wind farm all the councillors came out here, but you can't get a single one out to look at the road," he said.

South Burnett mayor Keith Campbell said the council planned to send a grader to level the road.

"We have programmed a maintenance grade but I can't say it will be next week or next month," Cr Campbell said.

The road will need upgrading to handle the extra traffic during the construction phase.

Cr Campbell said the council was waiting for farm developer AGL to supply the details of its workload before it could determine what upgrades would be needed.

The two parties will negotiate who pays for the work but Cr Campbell said the buck stopped with AGL, not ratepayers.

"It was a matter that was disclosed by the (Depart- ment of State Development) co-ordinator general that AGL be responsible for mitigating the road impact," he said.