THE BEST: Gympie food ambassador, Matt Golinski and South Burnett food ambassador, Jason Ford praise our produce
THE BEST: Gympie food ambassador, Matt Golinski and South Burnett food ambassador, Jason Ford praise our produce Jason Ford

'World class': Chefs crazy for our local ingredients

SOUTH Burnett ingredients are being sourced by chefs from all around the world and it isn't just our peanuts that are high on their lists.

Gympie food ambassador, Matt Golinski has a strong affiliation with the South Burnett and regularly purchases ingredients from our region for his Sunshine Coast-based restaurant.

"This time of year those peaches you have out there in Kumbia are just beautiful," he said.

"I got the very first three cases from out there when they first started the season a month or so ago before the storms hit and they were just magical.

"You guys have plenty of great ingredients out there other than peanuts."

South Burnett food ambassador, Jason Ford said he doesn't purchase ingredients just because they're in the region.

"Regardless of anything else, they have to be first class products," he said.

"Our local pork is fabulous, our peanuts are world class."

Mr Ford said the Bunya red capers, which are the only capers produced in the state, have knocked his socks off, but he wasn't the only one.

"I was chatting with a chef who had been training in France, our capers blew his mind," he said.

"They are truly world class."

The South Burnett food ambassador said our climate and soil were the major reasons for our quality produce.

"Because of our climate, legumes such as our navy beans grow beautifully in the South Burnett," he said.

The South Burnett Regional Council's research and marketing team was acknowledged for its efforts in recent years promoting the region's food and wine.

"Ten to 15 years ago we wouldn't have had this sort of exposure," Mr Ford said.

"It has had a huge impact on our brand."

Events such as the inaugural BaconFest and South Burnett Food and Wine festival highlight the region's quality produce.

"BaconFest was phenomenal, it came across as a festival that has been running for ten years or more," Mr Ford said.

Restaurants from all over the state recognise the South Burnett's top quality produce.

"Every restaurant in Brisbane knows Sunpork and Barkers Creek pork," Mr Ford said.

"Capers producers can't keep up with the demand."

Not to be outdone, our wineries such as Queensland's largest vineyard, Moffatdale's Clovelly Wines also factor highly with the state's most popular eateries.

For our ingredients to continue their popularity they have to remain at the highest quality and unique.

"We are the only producer of capers in Queensland," he said.

"No one has put the research and technology into peanuts more than the South Burnett."

Mr Ford praised our farmers for their resilience during times of severe storms and fires.

"It has certainly had a huge impact on this year's production for a lot of farmers," he said.