Yamba businesses prepared for post-coronavirus trade

BUSINESSES in Yamba have faced weeks of uncertainty due to the coronavirus, with many left wondering when they would be able to resume normal trading.

With the NSW Government beginning to ease restrictions, and regional travel and up to 50 people at clubs, pubs and cafes given the green light from June 1, Yamba Chamber of Commerce president James Allan said he felt good times were around the corner for businesses.

"Businesses are keen to get trading and there's a pretty good vibe in the town with things starting to open up again," he said.

The co-owner of Caperberry Cafe Yamba said there has been a noticeable shift in foot traffic in the town.

"There was so much unknown and a fair bit of anxiety among business owners and the people in town but over the last couple of weeks we've seen a pretty big increase in trade," he said.

"Locals are out again and I can tell they're so keen to go out and live their lives as they remember.

"I think we're confident from the locals and the support they're giving that we can bounce back."

With regional tourism set to recommence in the coming weeks, Mr Allan said that would provide another bonus to the Yamba economy.

"A lot of people from cities and country areas will be keen to take the first opportunity they can to do a bit of travel and Yamba will definitely be high on the hit list," he said.

"I'm confident we can still provide for them while maintaining all necessary social distancing regulations."