What’s wrong with this picture?

THE Yellow Pages has had its own "not happy, Jan'' moment, using a photo of the Gold Coast on the cover of its Sunshine Coast edition.

The picture of a skydiver landing on Kirra Beach clearly shows a backdrop of skyscrapers, including the distinctive Q1 tower at Surfers Paradise.

Such structures are forbidden on the Sunshine Coast, which has stringent height restrictions, and the region proudly promotes the disparity when it comes to tourism.

The combined Yellow Pages/White Pages directories have been delivered to tens of thousands of homes stretching from the Sunshine Coast to Caboolture.


The new Sunshine Coast directory with a Gold Coast cover
The new Sunshine Coast directory with a Gold Coast cover


An error of judgment was the basis of the company's most famous TV advertisement in the early 2000s, in which a boss who discovers her business wasn't in the Yellow Pages screams at the underling responsible: "Not happy, Jan!''

Visit Sunshine Coast CEO Simon Latchford said that while "everyone makes mistakes'', confusing the two coasts was a monumental stuff-up.

"They are so different," he said.

"It's like confusing the South Pole with Africa.

"Both destinations have their attractions, but they are wildly different.

"The Gold Coast is like Australia's Las Vegas, and we are the place to visit for a more natural experience.''

Sensis spokesman Will Clarke confirmed the cover showcased Gold Coast Skydive and featured Kirra Beach.


The Sunshine Coast has a high-rise-free skyline.
The Sunshine Coast has a high-rise-free skyline.


Mr Clarke said while he appreciated people could be upset, it had not been intended to inflame any rivalry between the coasts.

"In previous years we've taken a localised approach with our Yellow Pages covers, however this year we decided to feature some of our customers on the front covers as an extension of our advertising campaigns,'' he said.

"The image in question was not intended to represent a Sunshine Coast business, but rather the breadth and diversity of the businesses we feature in our Yellow directory.''

Gold Coast Skydive owner Archie Jamieson was ecstatic that one of his instructors, Keith Grealy, was shown on the Sunshine Coast cover.

"Someone pointed it out through social media,'' he said.

"I remember the photo shoot.

"It was originally supposed to be for a television advertisement.

"I'm not sure how it ended up on the Sunny Coast Yellow Pages, but hey, we're happy with the promotion.''


The Surfers Paradise skyline as seen from Burleigh Heads
The Surfers Paradise skyline as seen from Burleigh Heads