Man holding his crotch need to pee, urinary incontinence concept
Man holding his crotch need to pee, urinary incontinence concept

‘You are not going anywhere until you cut your d*** off’

A GOLD Coast man was allegedly forced to cut off part of his penis with a serrated knife after three men attacked him in a Mermaid Beach home.

The man was allegedly told "you're not going anywhere until you cut your dick off".

One of the alleged assailants, Jayden Daniel Sobey, was granted bail when he appeared in the Southport Magistrates Court on Thursday facing multiple charges including torture and deprivation of liberty.

Sobey, 30, is the first to have been charged over the incident.

His bail application was heard in his absence because Sobey was displaying symptoms of coronavirus and was in isolation in the watchhouse.

Magistrate Gary Finger granted Sobey bail with numerous conditions including regular reporting to police, drug testing and to reside in his Burleigh Heads home.

It is alleged a 35-year-old man went to a Mermaid Beach home to have a shower and pick up personal belongings in September last year.

Sobey and two other men allegedly arrived and began to punch and kick the man, rummaging through his belongings and stealing $200 cash and a mobile phone.

The three men are accused of arming themselves with knives and making the alleged victim sit on the lounge.



It is alleged one of the men told the alleged victim "you're not going anywhere until you cut your dick off" and handed the man a knife.

The man allegedly pleaded with the trio to let him go.

He was "extremely fearful" that he would be stabbed or that "his penis was going to be cut off", it is alleged in court documents.

It is alleged that due to the level of fear the man used a serrated knife to attempt to cut off about 2mm of his penis.

When this was not sharp enough he used a mobile phone as a hammer to make the cut, it is alleged.

Sobey allegedly demanded the man to say "sorry"and "say it like you mean it" before giving the man a towel and a tampon to stop the bleeding.

The man was allegedly let go and went to the Gold Coast University Hospital for treatment.

It is alleged the man is no longer able to urinate properly, suffers constant pain and his mental health is at its "lowest".

Sobey allegedly knew the man for about six years and was found by police hiding in a cupboard in a Burleigh Heads home on Wednesday.

Defence solicitor Campbell MacCallum, of Moloney MacCallum Abdelshahied Lawyers, said allegations before the court at an early stage rarely reflected what was alleged upon indictment.

Outside court he said Sobey would be defending the charges.

"He played the lesser role in the incident against what seems to be a fairly sensitive area of the anatomy which was chosen to be injured," he said.

He said Sobey denied being a part of the coercion of the removal of the part of the man's penis.

The matter was adjourned to March 16.





Originally published as 'You are not going anywhere until you cut your d*** off'