'You f---ing little c---': Child hospitalised after assault

A 39-YEAR-OLD Cherbourg man has faced the magistrate after he assaulted a 14-year-old, landing him in hospital.


The man pleaded guilty in Murgon Magistrates Court on August 20 to common assault after an incident in Cherbourg which left a child in hospital.

Police prosecutor Barry Stevens told the court on the night of May 24, the man was watching the football and enjoying a few beers at a Cherbourg address.

In an adjacent room, three children were playing video games and play fighting.

The defendant was made aware that his three-year-old grandson had been hit by the 14-year-old.

He then entered the room where the children were play fighting and yelled at them.

Sgt Stevens said the man lifted the teenager up by the hood of his jumper.

"This caused him (the child) to lift off the chair, before forcefully putting him back onto the couch while he said, 'you f***ing little c***'."

The child was taken to hospital, however no injuries were sustained and he was prescribed Panadol.

After the incident, the Cherbourg man agreed he did not deal with the situation correctly.

Defence lawyer Mark Werner said his client was remorseful and he had already been penalised.

"He has been suspended from work while this matter is dealt with," he said.

"He just wanted to protect the young child.

"He realises he had no right to place his hands on kids."

When sentencing the defendant, Magistrate Louisa Pink said the penalty was to stop him committing these sort of offences again.

"You were angry at him hitting a three-year-old," she said.

"It seems to me you already understand what you did was wrong."

The man was handed a $700 fine and no conviction was recorded.