DECISION: Wayne Stevens.
DECISION: Wayne Stevens. Helen Spelitis

Young man's death spurs Wayne to donate

ONE person can save six people by donating their organs, but only 1% of people will be eligible as donors.

To donate organs is actually a rare event, only people who die in a hospital, with oxygen still reaching their organs, will be able to donate their organs.

In Australia, one person dies every week waiting for an organ transplant.

Ipswich specialist nurse Wayne Stevens became an organ donor about four years ago, after a tragic event that showed him first-hand how one person's decision could save six other's lives.

Mr Stevens was working at Ipswich Hospital when the death of a 16-year-old young man resonated with him.

The young man's heart, liver and kidneys were donated. His family's decision to donate his organs saved six people.

"Any one donor can save up to 10 people," Mr Stevens said.

"To see that process happen, really made me think about it; that's something I would want to do."

In Queensland, 24% of people are registered to be organ donors.

That registration is key to ensuring people desperately waiting on the transplant list get that second chance, Mr Stevens says.

"Registering for organ donation is a really good thing because we know that 90% of families will actually say yes if the loved one has registered," he said.

"If the family has had the conversation but haven't registered, about 75% will say yes.

"If they've never had the conversation about 45% of families will say yes.

"It's a sad reality that more than one person in Australia will die every week waiting for an organ transplant which is why it's so important West Moreton residents use DonateLife Week to discuss their intentions and help put organ donation on the agenda."