OH NO: 'You're too fat': 7 unusual workplace dismissals.
OH NO: 'You're too fat': 7 unusual workplace dismissals. bowie15

'You're too fat': 7 unusual workplace dismissals

"YOU'RE fired."

Those two little words that nobody ever wants to hear.

From pilots taking drugs, to urinating in your own mouth to texting personal details about your boss, there are many ways to ruin your career.

Below are seven unusual workplace firings from workplace relations company, Employsure's website.


An employee was terminated for serious misconduct after providing personal details of the boss to a competing business.

The employee's contract was due to end on December 31, 2015 and during the notice period, the employer allegedly gave permission and encouraged the employee to seek alternative employment.

As a result, the employee used his work email to send an email to one of his employer's competitors.

In the email he claimed his boss had left his wife and had an affair with the office manager, his boss had become increasingly difficult and unpleasant and the business had recently lost one of its biggest assets and his boss was struggling as a result.


A forklift driver's employment was terminated and he was told he was too fat after gaining too much weight, which put him in danger at work.

His employer, Parmala, worked with the forklift driver, with the help of an occupational therapist, to address a number of health problems and to get his weight under control.

Due diligence was performed by the employer, which focused on supporting the employee so that he could perform his duties safety.

However, during the process the employee gained more weight and as a result his employment was terminated.


A pilot was dismissed after he touched his female colleague's breast during a weekend stopover in Santiago in 2014.

The long-serving Qantas pilot was dismissed for serious misconduct. It was found he also had alcohol and cannabis in his system.

The pilot claims he did not knowingly ingest cannabis, but that his drink was spiked, which lead to his out-of-the-ordinary behaviour.


A mechanical instructor was dismissed after he swore and used violent body language towards his manager.

He slammed his timesheet on the desk of his manager and let loose with a tirade of expletives.

The employer dismissed the employee after he became concerned for his own safety and felt threatened by the verbal abuse.


A Western Australian project co-ordinator was fired after he acted aggressively at the Christmas work function.

The employee was clearly intoxicated and repeatedly poked his colleague in the chest before throwing him into the pool unprovoked.

However, he claimed his employer was at fault for his intoxication by providing alcohol at the work Christmas party in December 2014.

There was building tension between the employee and his boss at the party prior to the Christmas party.

His boss allegedly told all employees that whoever had not completed their work, was not allowed to attend the Christmas festivities.

The employee was asked to leave the event by his boss twice before the pool-throwing incident.


Former Cronulla Sharks star Todd Carney was fired from the Cronulla NRL club in June 2014 after an image circulated of him online urinating into his own mouth.

Carney argued the Sharks failed to follow the correct process for dealing with a disciplinary issue and he sued the club for $3 million.


A senior pharmaceutical salesman was fired for combining a work trip with a jazz festival.

The employee was terminated after he travelled to Mount Gambier in early May 2015 for work.

Coincidentally, this was the same weekend his wife and son were in the region attending a jazz festival.

The employee allegedly submitted a $670 travel related expense claim for meals and accommodation for this weekend.

Fair Work Commission deemed the dismissal to be harsh and unreasonable and ordered the employer to pay compensation of $29,938.


While it may be crucial to your business' success to dismiss these types of employees, it is important you do not dismiss your responsibilities as an employer.

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